What We Do

What we do at Chicago Vision

We are and always will be a ‘show me don’t tell me’ business! We don’t allow anyone to be responsible for designing or managing new or existing campaigns without them first learning every aspect of the company and cross-training from bottom to top. Here at Chicago Vision, we’re great believers in not asking someone to do something you haven’t or weren’t willing to do yourself. This means anyone running a campaign on your behalf is an expert in the industry, making us a low-risk investment for you our client.

As much as possible, we conduct our business face-to-face. This is the cornerstone of our business, the one constant in how we design and run our campaigns. At our core we are a people business and we feel we can give a higher level of service and develop stronger working relationships through dealing with someone in this manner. We hold all client meetings in person, deal with all customers face-to-face and we never hold telephone interviews; all of which are testament to our ongoing commitment to quality and customer service.


Understanding your customer base is without doubt the key to a successful business. Knowing what they want and need is a fundamental requirement, and by building long-term relationships with them you can be sure that you will work well together for many years to come. Each and every customer values the personal touch and they will give their loyalty to companies who they feel understand them and value their business. By getting to know your customers well you are insuring the future of your company – so just how well do you know yours?

Chicago Vision is under no illusions as to the importance of building and maintaining good relationships with clients. Knowing what your customers want is absolutely vital if you want them to stick with you. It’s so important to forge great relationships with them from the beginning and this means listening to them, respecting them and above all delivering a service which exceeds their expectations every step of the way. Knowing your customers’ motivations well means you are really well-placed to offer them exactly what they need. Take the time to build great relationships with your clients and not only will they remain loyal to you, but they will also tell their affiliates about you – this is how word of mouth recommendations work.

Chicago Vision do not believe in the word ‘no’. Whatever the challenge, we will find a way to deliver what you are looking for, and all within your budget too. You will only have to pay for the results you gain, which means it is a win/win arrangement. Specializing in direct marketing, Chicago Vision will help you design a bespoke marketing strategy which will identify and target new customers and ultimately boost your bottom line. This tried and tested technique has never been so popular and it’s no surprise Chicago Vision is in such high demand.

Whether it’s events-based promotions, business to business or business to consumer, Chicago Vision are the experts when it comes to customer acquisition and we can tailor our strategies to any client and any industry.