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Chicago Vision was founded in order to offer an alternative form of marketing in a very competitive market. We pride ourselves on the level of service and attention to detail we have when conducting our business and we insist on working on a face to face basis in all aspects of what we do to create and enhance strong working relationships with clients and customers alike.

Following the success we had in 2015, we are currently in the process of expanding our services, both in terms of how many campaigns we can offer concurrently from our office in Chicago, and also opening new offices in markets across the country; our belief is that we will be at 8 locations nationwide by July 2017, meaning that we can offer nationwide coverage for a client.

Although we design and implement all aspects of our campaigns ourselves, we are extremely sensitive to our client’s needs and offer continual quantifiable data so as to ensure our performance can be measured at all times by those companies choosing to work with us.

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Why Chicago?

Chicago has become a business hotspot and it is definitely one to watch in the future. Over the past few years the business community has grown thanks to large-scale development projects and an influx of new talent to the area. One man who is happy to sing the praises of Chicago is company Director Matthew Goodchild. Having lived and worked in New York in the States and then London, Manchester, Cardiff and Belfast in the UK, Matthew has picked Chicago as his next stop. He says, ‘I have noticed a steep increase in the amount of businesses that are springing up here in Chicago and it feels like things are still on the up. The business community is a very tight knit one and everybody supports one another. I feel that it is very exciting times for Chicago and its businesses and I am very proud to be based here. I am very committed to developing work opportunities for Chicago and work hard to make that happen’.

As a direct marketing expert, Chicago Vision knows what it takes to turn a good marketing campaign into a great one. Direct marketing identifies and targets potential new clients, which gives companies a rare chance to drastically increase their customer base. By employing the services of a direct marketing agency you are standing yourself in good stead for the future. Generating new leads is critical to the success of your business and you need to be constantly looking for new areas in which to develop your company. Direct marketing is the perfect tool and it garners considerable results, so it’s not surprising that it is as popular as it is.

If you are interested in finding out more about how direct marketing can revolutionize your business then have a look through Chicago Visions’ website. You’ll find out much more about the services that Chicago Vision offer and you’ll also find contact details so you can discuss your requirements in more detail.


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