Chicago Vision Shares: The Benefits of R&R

We’re hard working hustlers and motivated individuals at Chicago Vision. We’re always pushing our limits and challenging ourselves to reach our highest potential. Whether it’s learning a new skill or implementing and creating a new strategy, we’re always on top. “It’s because of our attitude and mindset that we reach any goal we set. 2018 for us will be around pushing barriers further and reach new heights. We’re excited for what is to come,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. With the hustle also comes a chance to take a break and unwind. Recently, business partners of the CEO Matthew Goodchild spent some time in the Bahamas, beating the cold and catching some sunlight.


“It’s important for everyone from time to time to relax for some R&R. It gives a chance to re-energize, clear the mind and open up your perspective to implement new ideas and strategies,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. In our industry, we’re grateful to be able to experience and relax in new environments. Due to the nature of our industry and clients being located in different areas, it is a huge advantage towards travel. It has become one of those things we’re used to and enjoy it. Even when it is for business, it becomes fun because we’ve developed that mindset of positivity.


“Most individuals dread travel. They find it tiring. It’s actually quite energizing for us. We always make sure to get some R&R in before we start on new projects and studies even show that new environments help give inspiration,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Research indicates that new environments and nature can give perspective, motivation, and inspiration towards implementing ideas. That is precisely the purpose of R&R, and we’ve enjoyed spending time with business partners in the Bahamas.