Chicago Vision CEO Attended Exclusive Industry Meeting in Chicago

Our CEO at Chicago Vision attended an industry leader’s event earlier this month. The conference was held in Chicago with other great business leaders, and it was an excellent opportunity for networking, learning new information and sharing success stories. “These kinds of events are very informative and important in the business industry. We are always excited and looking forward to attending networking events because it gives us an opportunity to meet other individuals and by socializing with like-minded individuals it inspires us to achieve more than we already have,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. One of the reasons why we love industry leader events and seminars so much is because we are always trying to improve our company and help everyone in it to grow. We keep in mind that the world is changing and with that tactics, methods, and purposes are as well.

“Attending a business conference to us means that we are educationally benefiting ourselves with opportunities that we wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Events like these attract the people that actually matter and want to get ahead in life. Due to that we can interact with others and benefit our business, as well as learn about another individual’s business,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Growing is the best way to stay competitive. Competition in our industry is plenty, but what makes us stand out is our ability to be confident and progress with skills. Any kind of motivation we muster up, we utilize positively.

The conference and meeting in Chicago we attended gave us the opportunity to meet new leaders, experienced leaders and those that want to experience the same pathway in our industry. We were able to connect with them, and we always utilize the time we have to ask questions and consider the option to let others know about our company as well. This is something that we value, and believe in. It has helped us tremendously, and it has kept us growing.