Chicago Vision On Entrepreneurship - Risk or Gain?

Chicago Vision On Entrepreneurship – Risk or Gain?


You have probably once asked yourself the question of: Is entrepreneurship worth the risk? A lot of people seem to associate entrepreneurship with risk. You will hear friends and family mention the turnover ratio in business, or perhaps share stories of people they know who lost all their money in a failed startup. There are certainly many people who opt to not create a small business or build off their idea because they’re afraid of failure. Managing director and startup guru Matthew Goodchild discusses his thoughts and what he thinks is the right answer to that very question.

“Be brave, take risks and allow the unexpected into your life. There is no rewards or gains in life without a little risk” advises Matthew. The risk involved with creating a startup and small business is the first worry for many. But, if there is so much risk involved, why do entrepreneurs try anyway? Chicago vision believe  because it’s better to try and fail, than fail to try at all. When observing the success or unsuccessfulness of a start up, the cause is usually in the planning, goals, execution and business ethic. Successful or not, startups tend to set out and begin with a lot in common: a clear goal and knowledge of the business and competitors, the difference is whether they consistently keep abreast and work towards these guidelines. In both of the scenarios, there is unavoidable risk involved.

However, there is a large difference between the two businesses. The failed business took a larger risk by beginning without implementing a foolproof strategy. The successful start up still had to take risks, but the entrepreneur behind the business took calculated risks, making intelligent decisions, and thinking smart. It’s important to understand calculated risk

When you begin to build your startup business, you will hear how businesses can easily fail, especially when first starting out. This is undeniably true, however you can definitely put your business in prime position to succeed just by minimizing the bigger risks and focusing solely on the intelligent, calculated risks.

Startup expert Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision has spent his entire career taking smart risks to obtain maximum success. Matthew understands very well that where there is little risk there is only little reward, and he continues to make smart business risks in the interest of his startup. He compares calculated risk to baseball, “Each player can get up to bat and go for the home run. While this works for some, it won’t work for all so instead, A* players will look for individual hits that will eventually lead to strong scoring plays. The risk they take by going only for smaller plays will result in smaller chance of them failing to score at all” he explains.

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Chicago Vision - On What It Takes To Shoot big

Chicago Vision – On What It Takes To Shoot Big

Commonly, many entrepreneurs share an interest in a competitive sport, some often take part in, but it’s much more than just a hobby, it’s a part of the entrepreneurial life, it’s a part of their mentality and a natural instinct to win. Managing director Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision, is personally a great supporter of basketball and as an entrepreneur, he knows all too well about the strength and courage it takes to aim high and take as many shots as you can. Direct marketing specialist and self made entrepreneur Matthew Goodchild, looks at the parallels between shooting toward the hoop and shooting for success.

“We are trained to win the same, we play the game the same way. I encourage my team to remain consistent, when closing a sale, they must keep the ball in their court, remove obstacles, and always, always, take more than enough shots, more shots equal the more chances they have to hit their goals” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.

There are  many similarities between the entrepreneur and the basketball player, the determination to win, the practise which goes into taking shots, the repetition and level of consistency developed to improve their strengths in the game and in the world of business world” explains Matthew. Here, Matthew Goodchild shares with us the similarities and mindset of basketball players and entrepreneurs, which he encourages his team of marketing specialists to adopt.

Winning Mindset

“You must adopt a winner’s mindset, remember, Muhammad Ali famously told himself, that he was a winner before he even knew it, and that allowed him to stay positive whilst making his dreams a reality” says Matthew Goodchild.  Sports people and entrepreneurs will experience both victories and defeat when aiming toward the target, but the true competitor realises that they need to remain focused on the long term goal, and consistently  ‘bounce back’, before trying again.

Take More Shots

“Failure to take a shot, is a missed opportunity. You may never know if that shot may have landed you exactly where you want to be, it may have taken you one step closer to your success. Michael Jordan has famously missed more than 900 shots throughout his career as a professional basketball player, but the most important thing, is that he took those 900 shots, he gave himself more chances to succeed and because of that, he is a winner” says Matthew Goodchild.

Physical and Spiritual Strength

Entrepreneurs across the world know how focused they are when they feel physically and mentally strong, and competitive sport is just as effective at energising the body and brain.

Increased Confidence

Basketball players and entrepreneurs who consistently take every shot given to them, gain an inner belief in their own ability to try and their chances of winning. “The more shots you make, under high pressure, the stronger and more confident you will become in your own ability, and you will think like a winner and the results will follow” explains managing director of Chicago Vision, Matthew Goodchild.


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Chicago Vision - Executive Leadership

Chicago Vision Examine the Valuable Lessons in Executive Leadership

Executives from all around the world pursue a variety of objectives and goals, but the underlying desire of each is very simple: what can be done in order to guarantee personal and corporate success? The world of marketing aims to provide consumers and clients with rational information on products and services, but the overall success of a business or brand is determined within the confines of the business itself. Fortunately, there are many stories and accounts available to executives that help master the techniques necessary in order to achieve this. Chicago Vision examined recently how clients can improve leadership skills and techniques while also building better relationships within the office.

Matthew Goodchild, Director of Chicago Vision, recently discussed with his team, the concept of executive leadership with clients. This was part of a greater collaborative session that regularly occurs in order to boost client-firm relations and clients’ chances for success. He noted that “in the world of business, a gut feeling is correct more often than many believe. In order to be successful, executives must avoid accepting advice at face value. It is always good to be open-minded and evaluate input from the office and other leaders, but inevitably, executive leadership is about making the decision on your own”.

Where executive leadership support is most crucial is in the realms of auxiliary departments. Matthew Goodchild explained that areas such as legal, human resources and financial/accounting each provide a lifeline to executives. Among services and information, these departments help guide executives in making smart business decisions that balance any legal ramifications, financial necessities and corporate culture. While executives must be resolute in the decisions made, departments such as these can help prevent executives from overshooting on objectives or initiatives that the company cannot realistically handle.

All industries need solid leadership in order to be successful and generate comprehensive relationships internally and externally. Executives have the ability to implement strategies that provide the ingredients for long-term success, but making the decisions must be the executive’s decision alone. Chicago Vision’s clients will continue to benefit from an array of comprehensive discussions, helping each executive make the best decisions in all aspects of business.


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Chicago Vision - Why it Pays to Think Big

Chicago Vision Explains Why It Pays to Think Big

Anyone who was tuned into this year’s Euros that crescendoed to an exciting finish when Portugal’s slow but steady path to the UEFA trophy ended in triumph can see how thinking big paid off in the end. Many entrepreneurs see this as a lesson to be learned in setting goals because no one really expected this team to lift that trophy so soon after a coaching change in 2014. Chicago Vision, a Chicago based marketing firm, explains how this is a lesson in thinking big in the long run while setting short and medium range goals. Here is what the company’s director, Matthew Goodchild, says about thinking big.

“When Portugal faced France with a new coach in the very arena they eventually won the trophy in, they lost that first match. Fernando Santos (the new coach) told his team that they should have one goal and that would be to return to this very field in 2016 to take home the trophy, and as history has it, they did just that. Entrepreneurs should learn a lesson from this. Every defeat doesn’t need to be the end of the road. Life isn’t a fairy tale where everything you ever wanted is handed to you. You have to work hard for what you get, plan for short and medium range goals and let your passion shine through every move you make. Defeat isn’t an option if you want to succeed.”

Once you have your goals set, it’s time to communicate with the team what you expect from them and how you envision meeting those goals. Yes, everyone has a part to play and it will take a team effort but it also takes the vision and dedication of the team leader and that would be you as the entrepreneur, the director of your company. It will also take a skill set that may take a bit of polishing on your part. If you want to lead your team to victory in the business world, you need to learn to be a good manager. It is said that a team is only as good as its coaches and this is true in the world of business as well. Develop your personnel management skills and your unity as a team will become stronger by the day.

It is fun and exhilarating to watch the underdog take home the trophy and the same is true in the world of business. Any small company can reach new heights in their field by plotting out a course, setting goals, working with passion and following the direction of their leaders. By working together with passion to meet those goals you will begin to function as a single unit and that’s what it takes to reach the top – strength in numbers. Let this year’s Team Portugal victory be a guiding light as you lead your forward. As an entrepreneur you think big, you have a vision just like Coach Santos had, now as a team leader, lead your crew to victory.

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Chicago Vision - Meets Peoria

Chicago Vision Meets Peoria Illinois.

The most important part to our business is the relationship between us and our clients. Matthew Goodchild, Directing Manager of Chicago Vision is very excited to be given the green light by one of their top clients in telecommunications to expand the marketing campaign and expand their location to Peoria Illinois, where they have sourced a whopping fifteen new retail venues.

“Our client has shown overwhelming confidence in us and our service, this is an exciting time, day by day we grow to new lengths, side by side with our clients”, Matthew explains. Market experts Chicago Vision are leaders in their field. Based in Chicago but operating nationally they use direct marketing techniques to great success.

With a population of 115,007, Peoria is the largest city along the Chicago river and the 117th largest television market in the United States. “Peoria is an exciting location for us and our client, we have been promoting their brand with an events based direct marketing strategy for some time now and so this new territory will give us the opportunity to attract new custom in a fresh environment” explains Matthew.

Territory Management is key to running a successful marketing campaign, territories can be defined on the basis of geography, sales potential, and other factors like household income. We have secured several exclusive venues for our representatives to market our clients brand, these venues are chosen based on their size and average footfall. These variables are important so that we can talk to and promote our clients product to a minimal 100 people per day.

The telecommunications industry is soaring and Chicago Vision are leaders in this field. Telecoms marketing continues to be at the epicentre for innovation and growth, giving Chicago Vision the opportunity for expansion and creativity. “We are growing in a fast paced and competitive industry, we are always trying and testing new techniques, this is why we are very excited about all of the new possibilities and things we are going to learn in Peoria” explains Matthew.

Chicago Vision are expanding at an incredible pace, the excitement runs high and as always the relationship between their clients will continue to experience new heights.

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Chicago Vision - Flexible Marketing

Chicago Vision on the Importance of Flexibility in Marketing

One of the aspects of marketing that draws a huge number of entrepreneurs is the fact that there is never a dull moment. No two clients will ever be the same and as a result, it is necessary to be adaptable to their specific needs. Unlike most jobs that require the same duties day in and day out, direct marketing requires a wide range of both knowledge and experience to excel in the field.


Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision knows what it means to be flexible. He has recently switched campaigns and is now on a huge telecoms client that necessitated adapting quickly to a new industry. Not only did the industry change but Matthew Goodchild also is promoting this client with an events based direct marketing strategy.


“Perhaps the main reason I love direct marketing is because I get to vary marketing approaches per the client. Direct marketing, through live face to face events, may not suit all clients so it isn’t always the campaign I am leading,” Matthew Goodchild says. “There are a number of disciplines within direct marketing and I love having the ability to switch up from time to time. Even so, I would say that events marketing is my passion because I get the opportunity to interface with a client’s prospects live which isn’t always possible in other disciplines.”


As a direct marketing firm, Chicago Vision knows that each client has specific marketing needs. They are proud to say that whatever a client needs, that’s just what they’ll get. This is important because so much of what they do is behind the scenes research and analysis. One client’s products may literally scream for being brought live to events whilst another client’s services just can’t be demonstrated in an events arena. What sets Chicago Vision above the competition is in their ability to adapt to each and every client’s needs.


However, there is another side to the coin in being adaptable. Not only is it necessary for direct marketers to be flexible in a client’s needs but as the outsourced sales force they need to be adaptable to the prospects needs as well. Direct marketing at live events gives them the edge because they are communicating face to face with prospects and can switch up their ‘pitch’ if they feel like they are getting nowhere with that particular person. “If there is any one qualification that is important in a direct marketer,” Matthew Goodchild concludes, “It’s the ability to be adaptable to all situations and all people.”

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Chicago Vision - Return on investment

Chicago Vision Asks are you Getting Good Return on Your Investment

When it comes to investments, many businesses simply are not getting the return that they are looking for. However, a good return on investment can significantly improve your bottom line and it’ll also help you stay ahead of all of your competitors. If you have not already done so then it is definitely time to employ the services of a financial advisor who can review your investment portfolio and advise you on areas where you could stand to make far more money than you currently do. Chicago Vision agrees that clever investment can really help you to raise your game and it’ll give you more cash to play with so you can start thinking about expansion.

Matthew Goodchild, Managing Director of Chicago Vision, understands this only too well as his has personal experience of getting a good return on investment. This has helped him to continually grow his company to the point where she is well-known for being a leader in his field. Chicago Vision specialise in customer acquisition – a process whereby you are given a bespoke, tailored direct marketing strategy that allows you to identify and come face to face with genuine potential customers. This is a formula that has been proven to work time and time again, and Chicago Vision are living proof of this. Matthew Goodchild says, ‘The success of my company is thanks in no small part to the effectiveness of the direct marketing strategy. Putting clients face to face with potential new customers allows them to increase leads and ultimately increase their customer base. This is great for business and it allows them to thrive, constantly striving forward and gaining a larger market share.’

Based in Chicago, Chicago Vision has enjoyed watching the company steadily grow ever since.  Dedicated professional ISA’s are committed to providing reliable and consistent results and they have never been busier. It seems that direct marketing is in great demand by businesses across all different kinds of industries and sectors and Chicago Vision are leading the field thanks to their expertise and experience.

Looking to to the success that Chicago Vision has had over the past couple years, one can see that it is down to collaboration, communication and consistency with all relevant stakeholders.

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Chicago Vision - conference

Chicago Vision Explains why it is so Important to Make Time for Professional Conference Events

When you have a packed schedule and your diary is overwhelming it can be easy to start cancelling non-urgent plans, and often industry conferences are the first thing to go. However, if you want to stay ahead of the game and make sure that you are fully au fait with all the latest industry news then it is absolutely essential that you don’t miss out. The direct marketing conference which is being held in Miami this weekend is one of the biggest events in the industry’s calendar, and a wealth of inspirational speakers from all over the world are booked to attend. Matthew Goodchild, Managing Director of Chicago Vision is delighted to have his name on the list of delegates and is very much looking forward to experiencing all that the conference has to offer.

The conference is due to last two days and it promises to be packed full of the latest information when it comes to direct marketing in today’s economy. It also aims to provide further education on understanding your customers and really getting into their psyche. Alongside this, subjects covered will include providing better training and providing an exemplary service to clients. There will be a focus on international growth and delegates can look forward to learning more about how to expand their businesses and venture into other countries, or even continents.

There is no doubt that, if you are involved in the world of direct marketing, you need to be there. Mr Goodchild is confident that he will return to his offices in Chicago full of new ideas and inspiration for growth. He also expects to meet many new contacts and expand his networking circle. He says, ‘Attending these conferences is always a priority to me as I always get so much from them. It is my chance to learn more, touch base with fellow professionals and find out all of the industry’s breaking news. I do not believe that my business would have been so successful had I not committed to these regular events’.

Direct marketing is a tried and tested method of acquiring new customers, and Chicago Vision are firmly established as market leaders in their field. Identifying and securing new business for their clients, they are the people to go to if you want to send your profits soaring. Mr Goodchild and his office are excited about the future and their plans for expansion.

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Chicago Vision - popular

Chicago Vision says Events Based Marketing has Never Been More Popular

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to boost brand awareness, increase your customer base and ultimately make more money for your business then look no further than events-based marketing as your perfect solution. Running promotions and events has always been a popular way of gaining market share but the past few years demand for this kind of marketing has gone through the roof.

Market experts Chicago Vision are leaders in their field. Based in Chicago but operating nationally they use direct marketing techniques to great success. As Managing Director Matthew Goodchild says, there has never been a better time to get involved in events-based marketing. He says, ‘Getting face to face with potential new clients is by far the best way of taking your business to the next level. As we all know, people buy from people, and our tailored and bespoke marketing strategies are proven to help your business succeed. More and more retail shops are enforcing in-store promotions and this is proof, should you need it, that events-based marketing is going from strength to strength’.

Matthew founded Chicago Vision in 2016 after having worked alongside some of the best marketing companies in the UK and America for over six years. Convinced by the power of direct marketing, he felt sure that more companies could benefit from the results that can be generated by these tried and tested techniques, and he has not been proved wrong. Business is booming and demand for his services has gone through the roof. Their unique, personalised approach is exceptionally popular with their customers and word is spreading about their cost-effective, tailored service. Face to face marketing is extremely effective when it comes to increasing customer base and, handled in the right way, the extra customers inevitably lead to bigger profits.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Chicago Vision can do for you and your business then have a look at our website where you will be able to read more about what we do. You’ll also find contact details there and as Mr Goodchild says, ‘It all starts with a phone call. Simply give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll spend time talking about your individual needs and requirements. We’ll set about devising a marketing strategy that will take your company to the next level. We look forward to working with you’.

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Chicago Vision - Leadership

Chicago Vision Examine the Benefits of Leadership Courses

What does a successful entrepreneur have to be? In the early days they often have to take on everything themselves, meaning that they’re strategic planners, graphic designers, website managers, sales advisers, and much more all rolled into one. As a business grows and takes on more people, however, there’s one skill above all else that matters: leadership. Here, Chicago Vision review the article and consider what benefits leadership courses bring.


“It’s easy to look at successful business people like Bill Gates or Lord Sugar, and think that they were born leaders, but the truth is that leadership is a skill that can be learned and improved just like any other”, said Matthew Goodchild, director of Chicago Vision. “Entrepreneurs should always be open to continuous improvement and learning, so attending leadership courses.”


The Chicago area with a rich entrepreneurial heritage. It’s home to many successful businesses, run by experienced and established business leaders, and it’s also home to an increasing number of SMEs and business start ups.


Keynote speakers from some of the region’s biggest firms addressed delegates, and shared the secrets of their success. In this way delegates could improve their leadership skills and thinking, as well as gain networking opportunities with other small businesses in the same region. As the title of the course shows, innovation was at the heart of it.


Developing new and exciting products that meet customers’ real needs can be a fast track to business success as well as making the entrepreneur a better leader. We live in an ever changing business world, and the pace of change is increasing by the week, being able to innovate and adapt to that change makes a company more competitive and brings better results.


“Innovation and leadership are two key elements for a company that wants to expand and grow”, said Matthew Goodchild. “That’s why this course brought so many benefits to everyone who attended. I urge all entrepreneurs to take the opportunity to attend similar courses when they can, and take their personal leadership skills to the next level.”

Businesses in the Chicago and beyond can benefit from the bespoke marketing campaigns of Chicago Vision. They help companies to improve customer acquisition figures by increasing brand awareness.

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