Chicago Vision Shares the Value of Aiming High

“Why is it important to aim high? Why does our mindset need to be set on the fact that we can do whatever we set our goals towards? It’s important to note that by reaching high, you’re allowing yourself to get a fair, full chance,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. There’s a lot of things you can do to make sure you are inspired enough to reach high. Aiming high is the first method when it comes to achieving any of your desires and goals. Having the confidence and ability to know that you’re capable of more should drive you towards success. At Chicago Vision, our goal is to carry ourselves at the ultimate highest aim. We’re proud of our accomplishments and know that there is a much higher length to be still reached.


“A great quality that people who tend to aim high have is the factor that they are passionate, hardworking and always yearning to grow. Growth is something that keeps us alive and for anyone to have this quality, is an exceptional factor,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.There are many types of people in this world; your job is to choose who you want to be. Do you want to be someone that is comfortable? Or do you want to be someone that is reaching the stars and reaching the highest?


With the New Year just around the corner, the choice is yours. Aiming high is something everyone should implement towards their lifestyle and professionalism. We at Chicago Vision know that our goal is to be amongst the stars and moon. We want to reach the highest and furthest because our aim is what defines us. Individuals that have a high target and see more for themselves know that it’s something extraordinary and we’d rather have people that push and try to be the best they can be, those make the best type of leaders.

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Chicago Vision Reflects Before 2018

Over the past few months, Chicago Vision has been proud to be taking over the industry. We know that we’re proud of our accomplishments and have new goals set in mind. There’s still so much we need to do and accomplish. “The new year is a time to look back on the previous year and see what you did, how you can better yourself and take steps to turn your dreams into reality,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. The idea that inspires us about the new year is that everyone has a common goal: to be better. The type of motivation and positivity that turns through the air is pretty extraordinary to watch. It’s like individuals that are strangers become friends because they have a common goal to themselves.


The new year also lets you focus on your professional goals. Do you have any in mind? Did you want to do something that made a difference in your life and those around you? This is the perfect time to start and revamp your lifestyle, careers, and methods on how you approach anything. “You can utilize different strategies that may even help you grow your motives and purpose towards your dreams,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. You have the power to do anything you set your mind to. Success stories are endless, and those that try tend to be on the top.


“All it takes is effort and realization to see that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. It’s a significant effect, and it assures us that with hard work anything is possible. The new year, for us, is exciting and we know that our target and goals will be reached positivity. We want to tear down the walls of insecurities and understand that self-doubt is not an option. We are going to be fearless in the new year, and we will accomplish what we set our minds to at Chicago Vision.

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Chicago Vision Shares “5 Rules to Win the Game of Life”

According to Success Magazine’s article, “5 Rules to Win the Game Life” the writer Brendon Burchard writes about having a vision for yourself. When an individual envisions their future, there are some questions they should ask themselves. “Some of these questions may seem simple, but for some, it’s very hard to narrow down what the process is to achieve them. One thing you may want to ask yourself is ‘what are your dreams?’ or ‘what do you want from life — where do you see yourself going?’ these are the questions you can ask to help narrow down how you want to go about winning the game of life,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. We know that it’s very competitive out in the real world and there’s a bit of luck involved to actually make it to the top. However, that does not disregard the amount of work that goes into becoming someone that you are proud of and can look at when you pass 10 years into the future, and look back at yourself.


“The key to winning the game of life comes from focus and hard work. It’s about believing in yourself and having faith that your dreams/goals are worth it. If you don’t think they are worth it, no one else will,” mentions Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Burchard in relation to this key, writes “When you have that vision, dream, desire, you’re going to have fun on this journey, even when it sucks, even when it’s difficult, even when you’re dealing with someone you don’t like. Whatever you got, whatever you’re dealing with, just say, I’m going to bring the fun. I’m going to bring the joy into this situation proactively. I’m not going to wait for something to happen for me to have fun. Whatever way you enjoy life, whatever way that fun, joy, zest and enthusiasm sparks for you—make that happen.”


Another great rule to live by in life is being patient. “Patience is so underrated. Everyone says it, but no one actually does it. It takes a tremendous amount of patience, backed by action and persistence to push through,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Burchard says, “To be a learner, you have to have patience with yourself, but the critical element is that you have to be persistent. You’re allowing time to take place as you’re putting these things in, you’re allowing the universe to align with your desires, dreams and focus. You are also not stopping. You are persistent in your actions. It’s that peaceful warrior that you are working toward. You are fighting. You are struggling to move toward it, but at the exact same time, you’re cool.


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Chicago Vision Asks Do You Have Purpose?

“Purpose in whatever you do and aim for matters a lot. Whether it’s the smallest goal or your dream and career, purpose defines your actions and gears you towards the goal,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. According to an article by Steve Knox on Success Magazine, “If You’re Searching for Purpose, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions” the writer says, “We are all searching for a purpose, a career and a life that really matter. So if you feel stuck, trapped or hopeless—if you want more—ask yourself these five questions to get your life back on track.” He goes on to asking 5 strong questions that really help us determine the goal and if our purpose is worthwhile for us.


The first question Knox asks is, “Why am I here? Seriously. Right now, whatever coffee shop, classroom, cubicle or conference room you might be sitting in, why are you here? What brought me to this moment? Who you are becoming far outweighs who you are. If what you are doing today is not making you a better human being or the world a better place, you are probably on the wrong path.” At Chicago Vision, we instil a mindset that portrays how important clarity is. Clarity is one of the things that helps us focus in on what we want. Asking yourself “Why am I here,” makes you understand your circumstances and see what you can do to change it if you don’t like it.


The second important question that Knox gives us is, “What is my story? Stories are powerful, regardless of whether they are true. They give you a narrative to live by and life lessons to pass on, that shape and inform the person you are becoming. One of the reasons you might be experiencing unrest and frustration in life today is that you might not have a better story shaping your life. You need a heroic narrative. A story that calls out your best and highest self. A narrative that demands you bring your full attention, strength, and personality to the task at hand, creating a life of significance and substance.”


“These questions are really important and help you define what you want. You matter at the end of the day and if you’re not happy — do something about it? Finding purpose encompasses all things and once you do you’ll feel alive,” mentions Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Knox writes, “Your life is not your own. The world needs you to discover what makes you come alive and for you to use that in service to a cause bigger than yourself.”


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Chicago Vision Shares 7 Quotes To Inspire Positive Habits

“Only by building momentum and excellent will you be able to develop good habits and inspire yourself daily. At Chicago Vision, we appreciate good habits. They are what set individuals apart from the rest. Habits either make or break us and if anyone wants to be successful, their habits need to follow their mindset,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. In order to be successful or have victories, letting go of your bad habits is essential. For example, “Let’s say that you get up at 11 AM every day, this isn’t a very good habit because 1.) you’re missing breakfast and 2.) you’ve already wasted half of the day by just sleeping in when you could’ve probably done 5 things on your to-do list” explains Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


No matter what you do, you must always remember that the best habits bring us health, wealth and success. “It’s a very subtle notion but powerful also. It’s something that keeps us on our feet and ready to go for work every day,” mentions Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Our crew at Chicago Vision has decided to share some of their positive habit quotes with you, in hope that you too can be inspired by them!


“Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.” ―Sean Covey

“It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” ―Benjamin Franklin

“Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.” ―Stephen Covey

“I have learned that champions aren’t just born; champions can be made when they embrace and commit to life-changing positive habits.” ―Lewis Howes

“You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, ‘I release the need for this in my life.’ ” ―Wayne Dyer

“Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” ―Vince Lombardi

“Habits are safer than rules; you don’t have to watch them. And you don’t have to keep them either. They keep you.” ―Frank Hall Crane


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Chicago Vision Offers Advice: Manage Energy More Than Time

“Time will always be an essential part of our lives. Everything runs on time, and we manage our time disregarding everything else in life,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. However, let’s take a moment to think about what would happen if we worked more with energy and quality, rather than time and deadlines? The main problem with working long hours is that time eventually time runs out, leaving us tired, drained and filled with a lack of life. Energy is a different matter though. To do well and be energized, we have to eat well, be well and our mind needs to follow with it. “At Chicago Vision, our representatives maintain quality over quantity when it comes to the work they perform. Everything is managed by doing it well, rather than doing it wrong just to get it done. We take pride in the fact that our clients can count on our credibility and quality because each person putting in the effort knows that the results will be exceptional,” mentions Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


We analyzed different ways to keep energy and maintain our qualitative factor. “We realized that companies need to make sure the emphasis they are getting comes from people investing more in themselves to make sure that the motivation brings their ability to work every day,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Some ways to make sure you’re more energized could be as simple as completing work on time or sleeping earlier. Sleeping is the best way to energize yourself the next morning. The required amount of sleep that adults need is significant. We’re not able to get away with 4 hours, that’s a terrible move when it comes to getting energy. “Due to this, sleeping earlier is an effective way to gain energy,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


By making simple rules for yourself and your well-being, you can easily see the difference of performance at work. When you’re happier and energized, you’re able to produce work that more qualitative rather than just seeing it as a task. The most straightforward factor to recognize in this comes from understanding that energy and self-care are essential for workers. You are human first, and by taking care of yourself, your company will benefit from it. Businesses invest in people but people should do their best to make sure they bring their A-game by being energized, and that’s only going to happen when you make some changes and become better than you were yesterday.

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Chicago Vision Shares Why Apple is One of The Greatest, Innovative Brands

Many people always ask the question of “Why is Apple so successful?” For those particularly not in tune with any Apple products or technology, Apple has risen to become one of the leading companies in technology and future gadgets. “When we think of exceptionally great marketing and branding, instantly the example people should give is of Apple. The way they introduce products and innovatively come up with ways to capture their audience is phenomenal,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision. We’re all aware of Apple’s history and Steve Jobs

Being one of the most influential figures ever. “It’s tough for other similar markets to compete with Apple and that’s because it is what it is for a reason,” mentions Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Recently Apple has launched three new iPhones and a bunch of other upgraded devices. They’ve launched the 8, 8 Plus and the best one — the X. This symbolizes the ten years that Apple had of release, and the X is a symbol of what they can do at their highest potential.

In an article on techland.time.com, the writer Tim Bajarin talks about various reasons for Apple being so successful. “Tim narrows it down to 6 points, and all of these points seem valid,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Bajarin says, “The products have to be easy to use: Jobs was a stickler on this point. While industrial design is a critical component of any product Apple makes, if it is not easy to use, it is considered worthless to the consumer. This is what drove the company’s user-interface designs from Day 1 and is still the mantra pushed to the software and hardware engineers every day they go to work. All of the products they create have to be intuitive and easy to understand and learn. As technology has become more intricate and users want more features, the task of keeping things simple is sometimes difficult. And Apple creates tools for power users and rookies, which can mean a broad range of ease-of-use issues. But even with that, Apple is the only company I deal with where ease of use is more important than the product itself. Apple makes this a critical goal of its approach to creating anything for the market.” These are one of the points we agree with. Not only are the products easy to use, but their sophistication makes them appealing to buyers. They provide the best user experience along with the highest quality of technology in your hands.


Bajarin also states, “I can tell you that from my three decades of following Apple, it’s these six key principles that are what really makes it successful. And as long as it adheres to them, it’s pretty likely that Apple will continue to grow and command a relatively large share of the market in the company’s product categories where it competes.” “They have definitely shown that they can exceed beyond our expectation with releasing this X phone. We’re excited to see what’s more and appreciate that Apple paves the way for the technology world,” mentions Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.

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Chicago Vision Reviews, “To Encourage Innovation, Make It a Competition”

At Chicago Vision, our culture is to build strong mindsets and durable individuals. Our representatives understand the value of good, healthy competition. “At Chicago Vision, we know that having competitivity in a company means that we will help individuals reach the potential and an overall company goal,” says Matthew Goodchild managing director of Chicago Vision. We also believe in the power of competition to innovate and help creative ideas prosper into great things. With any great idea and individual comes the mindset to be creative, strategize and implement different tactics.


According to The Harvard Business Review, an article ‘To Encourage Innovation, Make It a Competition’ by Anil Rathi, Rathi talks about the fact that competition has fueled many major and successful businesses. He says that the drive and ability to utilize innovation brings a valuable tool to work places. Rathi writes, “For example, Thompson Reuters created a “catalyst fund” to encourage and support new ideas. To access it, teams of workers compete by presenting and defending their most compelling ideas to an innovation investment committee. The Department of Health and Human Services also recently launched a “Shark Tank”-style competition where multiple employee teams compete to pitch their best ideas to senior officials.” “This strategy helps encourage business partners to give their ideas/input and interact with the flow of a firm or company in general. Being able to have the factor of giving ideas and seeing how they can make difference, makes individuals different and assertive,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


“One of the ways that innovation encourages competition according to Rathi is by drawing value from the competitive process itself and not just results,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. Rathi writes, “No matter what ultimately happens with the eventual winning idea, well-managed internal competitions teach employees new skills, connect them across multiple departments, and amplify the company’s overall creative ambiance. And in our experience, after companies design and execute one competition, they often gather the important data and ideas they’ve learned to use in subsequent competitions. As this process plays out, the greatest benefit may be for the hosts of the contest, since they learn to leave their teams free to be daring so they can cultivate great ideas over time.”


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Chicago Vision Attended an Exclusive Award Ceremony Gala

Recently, Chicago Vision attended an exclusive award ceremony Gala. The gala celebrated the success of business partners and those in the line of work as us. The private event was hosted at Pier 60 in New York. Music, drinks and the cuisine was exceptional just as much as the event and guests itself. “Attending events such as these are important because it’s a great networking opportunity. Besides that, it’s a great chance to be inspired. To see the hard work of those that have made it successfully” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. The diligence of those that never stopped, never quit and never gave up — the gala is in honor of those that help us become inspired.


Chicago Vision’s very own managing director, Matthew Goodchild, earned himself the award for running the most successful direct marketing firm at this current time. This is a huge step up and accomplishment in the business field. In his acceptance speech, he spoke about how humbled he was by this. “I feel very humbled to be here after coming to the United States to start my business. We’ve grown as a company and we’ve been able to grow as individuals. I am grateful for every moment that has led me to this point. Working with the best clients and customers has been the best and they have given us the space to grow and mutually work together,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


Being humbled by success is the same as being grateful and gratuity leads us to the furthest lengths. Chicago Vision has had growth, success and has hit numerous targets to reach their goals. We have the intention to do all this over again with more diligence and keep coming further each year than we were last year. “It’s been a great year and we’re excited to start again to work towards more success,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


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Chicago Vision Reviews: “It Takes a Positive Attitude to Achieve Positive Results”

“It’s important to understand that you are in control of what you produce, what you feel, and what you think. Your view on something is what makes or breaks the results. If you are consistently pessimistic, you are setting yourself up for failure. However, turn that around into positive thoughts and you’ll set yourself up for success,” mentions Matthew Goodchild managing director of Chicago Vision. In a recent article on Success.com, the writer, Mark Victor Hansen discusses how attitude is one of the most important qualities. Hansen says, “Attitude creates the way you feel about people and situations. Your actions are a result of your attitude—which in turn creates a reaction from others. It is your attitude toward others and the universe that determines the resulting attitude toward you. Have a positive, joyful attitude and you’ll have positive, joyful results. Put out a bad, negative attitude and you’ve failed before you begin (Success.com).


At Chicago Vision, our representatives carry a simple but important mentality. They know that in order to succeed, their mind needs to match what they want the outcome to be. Hansen describes this as “what you think is what you get.” We agree with this because it has proven its worth time and time again. “I have noticed the difference between thinking positivity and negativity. The people that think negative, are often those that don’t push through these thoughts because their mind is not allowing them to. It’s putting them in a rut, and they are unable to see past it. Those that carry a ‘can do’ attitude and positive view on anything can push past their struggles and make sure they are one step closer to achieving what they want,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


Hansen mentions ways to shift your thoughts and create a positive attitude. He says, “It takes work, but creating anything of value takes work. In order to have a new approach, you have to change your subconscious thinking. How? By analyzing every thought, you have until positive thinking becomes a habit. You’re merely replacing an old habit with a healthy habit, much like replacing smoking with exercise (Success.com). Our team has implied this method at Chicago Vision, and the results were incredible. By being able to think beyond and positive, our representatives reached their targets and accomplished more than they would because they believed in their abilities through a positive mindset.


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