Chicago Vision Reviews: Video Games Are Helpful For Intellectual Growth 

“We’ve all been told as kids that video games are bad for us. Staring at the screen too long or playing different types of games has a negative effect on our persona. Putting this aside, studies indicate that when you’re in a rut and need the head-on inspiration to get your mind flowing, video games tend to help expand our mind and develop new ideas. Chicago Vision found this to be extremely interesting because for the longest time we’ve heard negative things about playing video games. However, playing them once in a white does help cognitive growth which is what we wanted to talk about,” says Matthew Goodchild managing director of Chicago Vision. mentions “Research led by Michael Rupp, a doctoral student in human factors and cognitive psychology at the University of Central Florida, and published in the journal Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, found that study participants who took a break from mentally taxing work and played a video game for five minutes reported that their mood improved. Those who either sat quietly without using a phone or computer or participated in a guided relaxation activity did not report such improvement.”

This is just one of the examples of how video games tend to help us out. “Other research also shows different variations of just how much spending as little as 10 minutes playing video games can help us recharge,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. mentions that video games teach you to be a leader. In their article “How Video Games Can Train Your Brain to Be More Creative and Productive” the writer Maria Tabaka writes, “Some of the key elements of playing games are exactly the kinds of things that you need to do to succeed as a leader. The goals you pursue and the skills you develop when you play games, including “recruiting allies, focusing on strengths–using power-ups to get stronger, confronting the bad guys rather than hiding from them,” help you develop what McGonigal calls a “gameful mindset.” The skills you develop when you have a gameful mindset? They’re the kind of skills that can help you lead. As a leader, you need to recruit allies and build and lead teams. You need to know where to find the resources that will make your team stronger. You need to confront problems head-on. Just like you do in a game.”

After coming across various studies, we concluded that if our representatives feel stressed or need to be inspired, playing at least 5-10 minutes of some type of video game and activities will help refresh the mind and recharge it to focus on tasks better. “As kids, we used to get addicted to games, but that was because our focus wasn’t on anything else. However, it’s certain now that perhaps those kids that did play video games might of have had some help in school compared to those that did not. For example in the creative area or innovative area. We’re pleased by these studies and are sure that it helps build and shape mindsets for the best,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.