Chicago Vision Shares 3 Lessons About Business From The Godfather


Let’s just come right out and say it; The Godfather is probably one of the greatest movies of all time. Whether you’re recently watching this 1972 classic now or you’ve watched it a long time ago and repeated it. It’s one of those movies that puts a fierce connotation on the way the main character does business. Love them or hate them, this story is about a powerful Italian-American crime family, The Corleones. The story is jam-packed with character development, drama and well-known dialogue that has slipped its way into the lingo of us ordinary folk. “When I first watched The Godfather, I was excited. It’s a movie that all business individuals would like to watch and relate to in a positive sense. It teaches leaders to make sure that we are doing our business and keeping our companies in a certain way and respect,” mentions Matthew Goodchild, Managing Director of Chicago Vision. So what does this movie teach us about business and what can we, as business oriented individuals learn from it? Chicago Vision has come up with 3 of the best lessons from The Godfather, that we believe to be crucial in the business world even in this day and age.




“I am gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” This is the type of confidence all individuals in the business world should have. Don Corleone is known for his confidence and unflinching capability. The way he makes decisions leaves the rest of us wondering if we’re doing this right. He earns respect through his decision-making process and his negotiations (minus the violence and bloodshed of course!) are impeccable. “This is the major difference between those that lead and follow. Decision making should be something that leaders strive to achieve, without the ability to make quick, effective decisions, opportunities will crumble,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


Amazing Customer Service/Ability to be There


Leadership in a business role comes from the ability to help those that need it and come to you for it. As a company, it’s our job to make sure we provide the best services for clients. Similarly, in The Godfather, it’s established how important this aspect is. When Don Corleone meets one of his customers, Bonasera, who ended up coming to him at the last moment, he tells him “Why didn’t you come to me first…” This establishes trust and reliability. In the real world and general understanding, having this type of relationship with customers professionally can expedite your business through various ways. It shows that you have the ability to be there for them and get things done promptly. “This is an imperative aspect in our field and in business, being reliable is everything,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


A Valuable Professional Network


In the beginning of the movie, it’s already established that Don Corleone has a lot of people that owe him. This means he’s done a lot for these people and he has done this as favors. As a business leader, it’s important to build your network. By communicating and building professional relationships by simple gestures and friendly conversations, it keeps you as the central point of business. Don Corleone is known for his clear communication methods that help him build relationships with customers and clients. “Similarly, once a business leader has established this basic foundation, they will have automatically instilled value on themselves. They will be known for how they network and keep relationships in business alive through constant attentiveness,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.