Chicago Vision Shares Valuable Advice With New Graduates

As graduate season approaches, the next generation of eager, intelligent and brilliant individuals will start their routine of job searching. “As a graduate, it’s important to reach for the right opportunities and apply at the right places. In order for an individual to succeed in their field, they must first work their way up through internships or entry-level roles,” mentions Matthew Goodchild, Managing Director of Chicago Vision. At Chicago Vision, we place an importance to entry-level roles. Not only is it an excellent opportunity for younger generation individuals to tap into the role itself, but it’s also great to get a feel of the overall job and see how you can work through it to better your skills and work up to a higher position. This also establishes the ability set your mind to know that any goal you set yourself to accomplish, you must have confidence. “Similarly, Chicago Vision encourages these young individuals to develop a competitive mindset. In doing so, they will excel steadily in the right environment that offers them challenges and success,” mentions Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


It’s also important that graduates develop a mindset that we emphasize will help them tremendously. This mindset and skill they need is the commitment to learning. Being smart and knowing your way around is a quality that most individuals have. But what sets you apart? “Graduate individuals that want to succeed and drive towards their goals fiercely, know that they need to learn constantly. The companies you apply for want to know you’re able to learn and become better,” notes Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. If you’re capable of showing you can learn anything and work hard on it, you will have instantly impressed your seniors, making you a valuable asset to your workplace.


Communication is also a great skill to have as a graduate. Nowadays everything is online and our world is surrounded by quick and convenient tools. If an individual needs to get a word to someone they text or email. Showing your seniors and superiors you know how to communicate effectively/verbally sets a great tone about your personality. Especially for a younger generation graduate to be able to speak effectively with anyone gives you the upper hand at any company among your representatives. You will easily reach far with this skillset. Ralph Waldo Emerson had said, “Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising, which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.” Once you believe that you’re capable and have the confidence to better yourself by adopting different mindsets and skills, you’ll be a valuable graduate individual. We know and believe that these skills are valuable for anyone to make it far in their goals!