Chicago Vision Shares 3 Lessons About Business From The Godfather


Let’s just come right out and say it; The Godfather is probably one of the greatest movies of all time. Whether you’re recently watching this 1972 classic now or you’ve watched it a long time ago and repeated it. It’s one of those movies that puts a fierce connotation on the way the main character does business. Love them or hate them, this story is about a powerful Italian-American crime family, The Corleones. The story is jam-packed with character development, drama and well-known dialogue that has slipped its way into the lingo of us ordinary folk. “When I first watched The Godfather, I was excited. It’s a movie that all business individuals would like to watch and relate to in a positive sense. It teaches leaders to make sure that we are doing our business and keeping our companies in a certain way and respect,” mentions Matthew Goodchild, Managing Director of Chicago Vision. So what does this movie teach us about business and what can we, as business oriented individuals learn from it? Chicago Vision has come up with 3 of the best lessons from The Godfather, that we believe to be crucial in the business world even in this day and age.




“I am gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” This is the type of confidence all individuals in the business world should have. Don Corleone is known for his confidence and unflinching capability. The way he makes decisions leaves the rest of us wondering if we’re doing this right. He earns respect through his decision-making process and his negotiations (minus the violence and bloodshed of course!) are impeccable. “This is the major difference between those that lead and follow. Decision making should be something that leaders strive to achieve, without the ability to make quick, effective decisions, opportunities will crumble,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


Amazing Customer Service/Ability to be There


Leadership in a business role comes from the ability to help those that need it and come to you for it. As a company, it’s our job to make sure we provide the best services for clients. Similarly, in The Godfather, it’s established how important this aspect is. When Don Corleone meets one of his customers, Bonasera, who ended up coming to him at the last moment, he tells him “Why didn’t you come to me first…” This establishes trust and reliability. In the real world and general understanding, having this type of relationship with customers professionally can expedite your business through various ways. It shows that you have the ability to be there for them and get things done promptly. “This is an imperative aspect in our field and in business, being reliable is everything,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


A Valuable Professional Network


In the beginning of the movie, it’s already established that Don Corleone has a lot of people that owe him. This means he’s done a lot for these people and he has done this as favors. As a business leader, it’s important to build your network. By communicating and building professional relationships by simple gestures and friendly conversations, it keeps you as the central point of business. Don Corleone is known for his clear communication methods that help him build relationships with customers and clients. “Similarly, once a business leader has established this basic foundation, they will have automatically instilled value on themselves. They will be known for how they network and keep relationships in business alive through constant attentiveness,” says Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.

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Chicago Vision Shares Valuable Advice With New Graduates

As graduate season approaches, the next generation of eager, intelligent and brilliant individuals will start their routine of job searching. “As a graduate, it’s important to reach for the right opportunities and apply at the right places. In order for an individual to succeed in their field, they must first work their way up through internships or entry-level roles,” mentions Matthew Goodchild, Managing Director of Chicago Vision. At Chicago Vision, we place an importance to entry-level roles. Not only is it an excellent opportunity for younger generation individuals to tap into the role itself, but it’s also great to get a feel of the overall job and see how you can work through it to better your skills and work up to a higher position. This also establishes the ability set your mind to know that any goal you set yourself to accomplish, you must have confidence. “Similarly, Chicago Vision encourages these young individuals to develop a competitive mindset. In doing so, they will excel steadily in the right environment that offers them challenges and success,” mentions Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.


It’s also important that graduates develop a mindset that we emphasize will help them tremendously. This mindset and skill they need is the commitment to learning. Being smart and knowing your way around is a quality that most individuals have. But what sets you apart? “Graduate individuals that want to succeed and drive towards their goals fiercely, know that they need to learn constantly. The companies you apply for want to know you’re able to learn and become better,” notes Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. If you’re capable of showing you can learn anything and work hard on it, you will have instantly impressed your seniors, making you a valuable asset to your workplace.


Communication is also a great skill to have as a graduate. Nowadays everything is online and our world is surrounded by quick and convenient tools. If an individual needs to get a word to someone they text or email. Showing your seniors and superiors you know how to communicate effectively/verbally sets a great tone about your personality. Especially for a younger generation graduate to be able to speak effectively with anyone gives you the upper hand at any company among your representatives. You will easily reach far with this skillset. Ralph Waldo Emerson had said, “Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising, which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.” Once you believe that you’re capable and have the confidence to better yourself by adopting different mindsets and skills, you’ll be a valuable graduate individual. We know and believe that these skills are valuable for anyone to make it far in their goals!


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Chicago Vision Examine How Entrepreneurs Are the Movers and Shakers of Transformation

Chicago Vision Examine How Entrepreneurs Are the Movers and Shakers of Transformation

If you look back through the ages, you will see that nearly every time a major transformation came about it was the result of some forward thinker who had a vision of what could be. Whether this person transformed the way we live, the way we do business or simply the way we think, they had a dream that they pursued and shared with the world. Here, Chicago Vision direct marketing group examine how entrepreneurs are the movers and shakers of transformation not only in the business world but often by bringing about innovations that transform our lives for the better.

“Within the past few years there has been a huge number of technological advances that have infiltrated literally every area of our lives,” says Matthew Goodchild, director of Chicago Vision. “I am especially mindful of all the healthcare apps that have improved the quality of life for patients who were often sidelined due to an overburdened and inefficient system. Entrepreneurs devised mobile apps that could revolutionize the way in which patients could communicate with, and be treated by, their GPs, and with little more than a vision and a basic piece of software, they sought investors. Today healthcare apps are big business and not only are those entrepreneurs gaining recognition and wealth but these apps are transforming healthcare around the world.”

In an interview with former US President Bill Clinton published on inc.com, President Clinton is quoted as stating that both would-be entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are needed in the 21st Century. Looking at statistics, in the past 25 years, the number of startups has declined dramatically, and the only way to rectify this is to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset. If the economy is failing, it is because we are not doing enough to encourage our ‘transformers,’ our movers and shakers, our entrepreneurs.

As noted above, a transformation is brought about by innovations that caught hold and took off like wildfire. Entrepreneurs like Chicago Vision, see a need, find a novel way to address that need and then run with it. But, the most amazing entrepreneurs in history are those who encouraged others to share in their victories. A true transformative entrepreneur is one who encourages others to share in recognition as well as in profits. Chicago Vision understands that only by encouraging others to follow suit in entrepreneurial endeavors can an entrepreneur be recognized as a true transformer.

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Chicago Vision Shares: What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From Michael Jordan?

Director of Chicago Vision, Matthew Goodchild says, “Chicago has become a business hotspot and over the past few years and business has tremendously grown.” With that in mind, what better way than to share some inspiration from Chicago’s greatest athlete, Michael Jordan. What exactly can young, aspiring, and current entrepreneurs learn from His Airness? Chicago Vision has agreed that not only was Jordan great at sports — but he was a very savvy businessman with exceptional ideas that still stand today. Let’s take Air Jordans for example; ever since 1985 Jordan captivated the crowd with his skills and moves in his shoes. He made it seem like if you bought these shoes, you could fly just like him! The vision introduced with creativity created a signature brand that still stands today. That’s the kind of drive Chicago Vision encourages for our team and for other entrepreneurs to have.

Throughout the years, Jordan has shared his insight and motivated individuals to dedicate yourself in whatever your goals are. Here are 3 Michael Jordan quotes to inspire you!

“I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.”

This attitude lead Michael Jordan to never settle for anything other than the best. He created himself to be an icon through this view. Many entrepreneurs have self-doubt and get a tad bit insecure when it comes to competition. However, the goal is to be confident, have a strong mindset and know what sets you apart, use that to your advantage.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

At Chicago Vision, we believe team work makes a dream work. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you stand alone. Your ideas will only take you so far. But implementing them requires a team, advisors, and most importantly, customers. You should be able to work together and create a balance with one another for the vision to be successful. 

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”

6 NBA championships don’t happen without leadership qualities. Michael Jordan knew that in order to make something happen, whether it was sports or his business; hard work, diligence, and teamwork are required. This applies to entrepreneurs in many ways. When dealing with the business world, you must know to inspire others. Why should people believe in your vision? In finding that out and actively doing so you will “make it happen.”

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Chicago Vision Review The Importance Of Keeping Abreast With The Sharing Economy

Chicago Vision Review The Importance Of Keeping Abreast With The Sharing Economy


Over the last few years, smartphone and tablet use has grown significantly, and it is now believed that over 110 million people in North America alone are a part of the sharing economy – a 25% increase in just one year. The sharing economy relates to individuals who use their phones to do everything from booking appointments to watching TV shows on demand, and because of its staggering growth, if your business doesn’t cater to this section of the population, you could be missing out on a lot of money.  Here, Chicago Vision explores the importance of being a part of the sharing economy.


“Mobile enabled, on-demand services are becoming the norm, and this is something that customers are starting to expect from businesses,” said Matthew Goodchild, the managing director of Chicago Vision.  “I believe even the UK are seeing similar figures relating to the sharing economy and are growing just as much, and it’s something that every business needs to keep in mind.  If you don’t keep up with the mobile revolution, you will quickly be left behind as your competitors overtake you”.


The reason why so many consumers are turning to the sharing economy is because of its convenience.  In the past, we would have no choice but to phone up a restaurant to book a table, for example, however now we can see which restaurants are in our area, and book a table directly through our smartphone.  The entertainment industry has also seen significant changes with on demand streaming services becoming the go-to services for everything from movies to music, and even books.  While companies like Amazon and Netflix have been able to capitalize on this demand, it has meant that more traditional stores are struggling to stay afloat.


“In order for traditional businesses to keep up with demand, they need to think about the extra services they can provide, and consider tacking peer-to-peer arms onto their current business.  Whole Foods, for example, has started using Instacart to provide a grocery delivery service, and many supermarkets in the US have begun doing the same,” said Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision.  “Consider experimenting with the things you can do to improve convenience for customers, and you will soon find an angle that can help you become a part of this new economy.”


Chicago Vision are always looking for ways to make life easier for their customers, and they advise all businesses to do the same.

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Chicago Vision Play Hosts To International Business Partners And Industry Experts

Chicago Vision Play Hosts To International Business Partners And Industry Experts

Managing director Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision has an extensive background in working alongside business owners in the direct marketing industry, where he helps develop, build and guide them to success. Matthew has spent many years during his career investing his time and knowledge into the entrepreneurs who he helped strengthen their startup marketing firms, acting as an indispensable mentor and consultant to them. This month Matthew Goodchild invites these business partners to join him in Chicago to celebrate alongside one another and enjoy a weekend of learning and networking that Matthew Goodchild himself and his team have organized themselves.


Bringing his business partners together, they will be traveling from Jersey, Washington, Northern Ireland, Italy, Liverpool, and Chicago to attend The exclusive Rising Star event hosted at the Chicago Metropolitan Club, in the Willis Tower. The host of speakers includes Marketing gurus such as Matthew Goodchild and other international marketing consultants. The industry event put together by Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision, and his team is set to last over the weekend, starting with a very exciting invitation for all to attend the Chicago Bulls game, to really get everybody into the high spirits. Sports games are a favorite past time for Matthew Goodchild and his like-minded business partners, as the competition is infectious and boosts morale and competitive drive amongst the business owners.


The second day is jam packed full of networking opportunities and the major event of the weekend is set to last all day, hearing speeches from international guest speakers within the industry and workshops will be provided for a fun day of valuable information and learning. The day will close with Matthew Goodchild presenting awards for individuals who have been performing to the highest within his business partners marketing firms across the globe, giving them recognition for all of their efforts and achievements so far. This is the most valuable part of the weekend, as Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision feels it is extremely imperative that those who deserve recognition receive it and know that their efforts are recognized and greatly appreciated. Matthew describes this as “The greatest honor a mentor will have.”
The weekend will end on a fun note as Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision has planned for a day of games and relaxation, as he invited his business partners to play games, rest by the pool, indulge in some tasty food and spend some one on one time networking with one another. Matthew admits his primary motive was to bring these like-minded business partners together to spend quality time with one another in a fun and encouraging environment, where everybody is rewarded and congratulated on their businesses and given encouragement for the year ahead.

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Chicago Vision Review Small Business Strategies

Chicago Vision Review Small Business Strategies


Strategic planning can help small and medium enterprises make the most of the resources they have, and achieve significant growth for themselves. An article from Search Engine Land gave eight tips for small businesses who are undertaking New Year business planning. Here, Chicago Vision reviews the article, and give another tip that can lead to real success in 2017.

“Small businesses are essential to the success of our economy as a whole, which is why it is was great to see so many entrepreneurs take their first steps into the world of business during the last year,” said Matthew Goodchild, director of Chicago Vision. “I believe that this trend will continue in 2016, as more people realize the benefits that running their own business can bring. This fascinating article will help them create an effective business strategy.”

Running a small business takes a lot of time and dedication, but it’s important to take a step back at the start of a year and see where your business is at, and where it can go. The article gives a series of tips that will help entrepreneurs create a more accurate and more effective business plan. The first and most important tip is to put aside more money for your marketing. Marketing spend isn’t dead money, as it helps to generate income that can grow your business. The second tip is also vitally important: create a straightforward and effective website. Update it regularly so that it will climb the search engine rankings, and make it easy to use and navigate, particularly since many users will be accessing it on a tablet or mobile phone.

Another related tip is to have a strong social media presence. Modern consumers love to use media, so you can use it to interact with them directly, and find out what makes them choose products or services. The final tip in the article is to monitor all the information that comes into your business and keep on top of your reports. This will allow you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and ensure that you remain on target to achieve all the goals set down in your business plan.

“Creating a high-quality business strategy plan is certainly a good step for small businesses at the start of a year,” said Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. “It’s also a good time to review your marketing plan or create a new one. By outsourcing your marketing requirements, you can gain a commercial advantage over businesses who follow the same advertising patterns year after year.”

Businesses can increase their brand presence through the marketing campaigns of Chicago Vision as they attract new customers, which helps enhance their client’s sales.

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Chicago Vision Review The Best Rated Countries To Begin A Business In

Chicago Vision Review The Best Rated Countries To Begin A Business In

While globalization continues to connect the entire world, and international delivery allows us to order products from a business near or far, there is still good reason to consider starting a business in any other place that isn’t your hometown or home country. As an international business consultant, C.E.O Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision reviews the best-rated countries to consider operating a business from.

“Opportunities exist everywhere. Depending on your target audience and its needs, plus legal laws, wage, the nature of the local workforce and other factors like culture and importing, doing business overseas just might offer advantages to you that exceed those of the country where you are currently residing” explains Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision. According to an article published on entrepreneur.com, here are some of the best countries to consider when starting a business.

The United States

‘The Big Apple’ also known as ‘The Land Of Opportunity’ or New York if you like, lays at the center of innovation and business. But places like Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle — not forgetting Chicago Vision’s playground in Illinois — and other U.S. cities are also often cited as being good cities to launch businesses in.

Without fleeing to America because it’ll be your ‘Big Break,’ you can find benefits such as funding sources like investment firms, banks, venture capitalists and angel investors. As well as population and diversity.


As one of the wealthiest nations in the world and is dubbed as a great place for starting a business. Due to strong trade and investment opportunities, the city attracts global entrepreneurs and leaders and has been named the most competitive Asian country to launch a business.

The clean city promotes innovation and development, forward thinking and creativity. With the added bonus of convenient and affordable travel to surrounding countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

United Kingdom

Incorporating a company in the U.K. is both fast and affordable, making it one of the easiest places in Europe to set up and run a business in. Other than convenience, the United Kingdom is ranked one of the best countries to begin a business because The British government offers various tax benefits for investors, founders and employees and The tax authorities understand that new companies generally aren’t profitable in their early years.

Not to mention London is a world cultural capital and the world’s most-visited city. Some of the best places to start a business in the U.K. include Derby, Stoke, Belfast, Stirling and Durham.


Originally from the United Kingdom, C.E.O Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision has a wealth of experience running businesses in London, Ireland, Italy, New York and Chicago. Singapor next then?

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Chicago Vision Look At Making Every Working Minute Count

Chicago Vision Look At Making Every Working Minute Count

Chicago Vision understands that sometimes we wish there were more hours in the day, fortunately managing director Matthew Goodchild has shared with us, his top tips for controlling our productivity. There are a number of ways to make the most out of every minute of the day, here are a few simple hacks from Chicago-based, self-made entrepreneur Matthew Goodchild.

Waking up an hour earlier is a sure fire way to start the day off ahead of the game. You may not identify yourself as being a “morning person,” but once you experience the benefits of rising earlier and earning an extra hour in the day, you will become one. “Setting your alarm an hour earlier than most people will give you a head start and you will benefit from an extra hour of uninterrupted, peaceful work time and become a more optimistic person” explains Matthew Goodchild.

Secondly, Matthew Goodchild advises making a daily to-do list. Creating a daily list of realistic tasks to achieve every day will help you get more done in the day and in turn give you the feeling of accomplishment. However keep the list simple. “Your tasks don’t need to be massive jobs that will take hours to complete, micro tasks will eventually help you achieve those bigger goals” advises Matthew.
Ensure you have a system, having a system of organization will help you better prioritize and organize your current projects. Matthew Goodchild suggests “Visualizing your commitments will give you clarity, focus, and control. You can then prioritize and complete tasks in accordance to their importance and deadlines.”

Lastly, according to a study by Microsoft researchers, it takes the brain 15 minutes to re-focus after switching our attention to something else. So if you’re always being interrupted, it’s going to take you a long time to get your work done. Which is why scheduling in uninterrupted time is vital for getting the most out of every day.


Although staying focused is easier said than done, a helpful way to make sure you keep your mind on track is to allocate specified and uninterrupted time slots where you focus only on one project at a time. You may need to turn off your phone, close your office door or simply log out of your emails, as long as you create an environment where you are free to focus and direct your full attention to one thing only.

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Chicago Vision Host Exclusive Company Christmas Gala

Chicago Vision Host Exclusive Company Christmas Gala

This Christmas no expenses were spared as managing director Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision invited his team to celebrate the season with him in style. The Chicago Vision team were wined and dined by their company director as he hosted the companies party in one of Chicago downtown’s most exclusive venues.

The company Christmas party can be a true test for managing directors like Matthew Goodchild, as at the end of every year you’re popularity in the office, and your rating as a director is judged pretty much on the scale of the Christmas festivities that you throw for them.   Managing director Matthew Goodchild of innovative, Chicago-based marketing firm Chicago Vision spared no costs this year when he invited all of his colleagues to enjoy themselves and celebrate Christmas together at the exclusive Hyatt Regency O Hare Chicago. Formal dress code and fun on the agenda, Matthew, and his team enjoyed an abundance of fun and got dressed up to the tens to see in the special occasion.

Managing director Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision says, “Sharing the Christmas holiday with those you are building a career with is a very significant event. And as the company director, I have the opportunity to express my appreciation for all of their efforts by throwing and planning an impressive company Christmas party that they will remember for years to come.” All expenses paid for, Matthew has fantastic taste in venue, music, food and beverages, the team at Chicago Vision were spoilt as they celebrated Christmas with class.

Matthew Goodchild is very excited about the new year ahead, and he has set some tremendous goals for Chicago Vision. As expansions are on the horizon, this time next year we can expect to see the guest list double in size for the company Christmas party.

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