Chicago Vision Explain Why Philanthropy is Good for Business

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Chicago Vision Explain Why Philanthropy is Good for Business

The world of philanthropy is an interesting one because there is so much psychology behind why people give. There is no doubt that giving money makes people feel like they are giving something back to their community and making a difference in some small way. Most people are moved to donate money to charity at some point in their life, whether it is a few pounds on a monthly basis or a larger lump sum in the event of a windfall. Chicago Vision are very interested in the charity sector and their Managing Director Matthew Goodchild has a wealth of expertise in the area.

Mr Goodchild says, ‘Many of our clients are charities, so rather than seeking customers for them we seek new prospects. Every charity wants and needs to boost their donations if they want to survive in order to be able to help their cause in the long run. But they need help to identify new prospects and find unique ways in which to approach them. We help these charities design bespoke approaches that are specifically designed with key prospects in mind. Our services have led to our clients being inundated with donations from new prospects and larger donations from existing ones. Philanthropy is an important part of people’s lives and we understand that in order to attract more donations we need to help our clients engage with prospects and show them that they are valued and appreciated. It is so important to design a personalized campaign every time, using the clients’ knowledge and experience and advising them on how best to approach prospects.’

Mr Goodchild and his office use the tried and tested method of direct marketing in order to secure these donations for their clients. By using a targeted and personalised approach, success is far more likely. Chicago Vision come up with unique and bespoke strategies which bring the clients face to face with potential donors, and they show their clients how to make their donors feel engaged. Part of this process involves keeping the donor informed and engaged after the donation rather than neglecting them, as this can lead to even more donations in the future.

Chicago Vision’ growing list of clients within the charity, health and telecoms sector suggests that they are certainly getting results, and they are fast becoming known for their expertise in a variety of areas. Mr Goodchild and his office are looking forward to helping more clients boost their bottom line in the future.

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