Chicago Vision on the Importance of Flexibility in Marketing

Chicago Vision - Flexible Marketing

Chicago Vision on the Importance of Flexibility in Marketing

One of the aspects of marketing that draws a huge number of entrepreneurs is the fact that there is never a dull moment. No two clients will ever be the same and as a result, it is necessary to be adaptable to their specific needs. Unlike most jobs that require the same duties day in and day out, direct marketing requires a wide range of both knowledge and experience to excel in the field.


Matthew Goodchild, managing director of Chicago Vision knows what it means to be flexible. He has recently switched campaigns and is now on a huge telecoms client that necessitated adapting quickly to a new industry. Not only did the industry change but Matthew Goodchild also is promoting this client with an events based direct marketing strategy.


“Perhaps the main reason I love direct marketing is because I get to vary marketing approaches per the client. Direct marketing, through live face to face events, may not suit all clients so it isn’t always the campaign I am leading,” Matthew Goodchild says. “There are a number of disciplines within direct marketing and I love having the ability to switch up from time to time. Even so, I would say that events marketing is my passion because I get the opportunity to interface with a client’s prospects live which isn’t always possible in other disciplines.”


As a direct marketing firm, Chicago Vision knows that each client has specific marketing needs. They are proud to say that whatever a client needs, that’s just what they’ll get. This is important because so much of what they do is behind the scenes research and analysis. One client’s products may literally scream for being brought live to events whilst another client’s services just can’t be demonstrated in an events arena. What sets Chicago Vision above the competition is in their ability to adapt to each and every client’s needs.


However, there is another side to the coin in being adaptable. Not only is it necessary for direct marketers to be flexible in a client’s needs but as the outsourced sales force they need to be adaptable to the prospects needs as well. Direct marketing at live events gives them the edge because they are communicating face to face with prospects and can switch up their ‘pitch’ if they feel like they are getting nowhere with that particular person. “If there is any one qualification that is important in a direct marketer,” Matthew Goodchild concludes, “It’s the ability to be adaptable to all situations and all people.”

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Chicago Vision - Return on investment

Chicago Vision Asks are you Getting Good Return on Your Investment

When it comes to investments, many businesses simply are not getting the return that they are looking for. However, a good return on investment can significantly improve your bottom line and it’ll also help you stay ahead of all of your competitors. If you have not already done so then it is definitely time to employ the services of a financial advisor who can review your investment portfolio and advise you on areas where you could stand to make far more money than you currently do. Chicago Vision agrees that clever investment can really help you to raise your game and it’ll give you more cash to play with so you can start thinking about expansion.

Matthew Goodchild, Managing Director of Chicago Vision, understands this only too well as his has personal experience of getting a good return on investment. This has helped him to continually grow his company to the point where she is well-known for being a leader in his field. Chicago Vision specialise in customer acquisition – a process whereby you are given a bespoke, tailored direct marketing strategy that allows you to identify and come face to face with genuine potential customers. This is a formula that has been proven to work time and time again, and Chicago Vision are living proof of this. Matthew Goodchild says, ‘The success of my company is thanks in no small part to the effectiveness of the direct marketing strategy. Putting clients face to face with potential new customers allows them to increase leads and ultimately increase their customer base. This is great for business and it allows them to thrive, constantly striving forward and gaining a larger market share.’

Based in Chicago, Chicago Vision has enjoyed watching the company steadily grow ever since.  Dedicated professional ISA’s are committed to providing reliable and consistent results and they have never been busier. It seems that direct marketing is in great demand by businesses across all different kinds of industries and sectors and Chicago Vision are leading the field thanks to their expertise and experience.

Looking to to the success that Chicago Vision has had over the past couple years, one can see that it is down to collaboration, communication and consistency with all relevant stakeholders.

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Chicago Vision - conference

Chicago Vision Explains why it is so Important to Make Time for Professional Conference Events

When you have a packed schedule and your diary is overwhelming it can be easy to start cancelling non-urgent plans, and often industry conferences are the first thing to go. However, if you want to stay ahead of the game and make sure that you are fully au fait with all the latest industry news then it is absolutely essential that you don’t miss out. The direct marketing conference which is being held in Miami this weekend is one of the biggest events in the industry’s calendar, and a wealth of inspirational speakers from all over the world are booked to attend. Matthew Goodchild, Managing Director of Chicago Vision is delighted to have his name on the list of delegates and is very much looking forward to experiencing all that the conference has to offer.

The conference is due to last two days and it promises to be packed full of the latest information when it comes to direct marketing in today’s economy. It also aims to provide further education on understanding your customers and really getting into their psyche. Alongside this, subjects covered will include providing better training and providing an exemplary service to clients. There will be a focus on international growth and delegates can look forward to learning more about how to expand their businesses and venture into other countries, or even continents.

There is no doubt that, if you are involved in the world of direct marketing, you need to be there. Mr Goodchild is confident that he will return to his offices in Chicago full of new ideas and inspiration for growth. He also expects to meet many new contacts and expand his networking circle. He says, ‘Attending these conferences is always a priority to me as I always get so much from them. It is my chance to learn more, touch base with fellow professionals and find out all of the industry’s breaking news. I do not believe that my business would have been so successful had I not committed to these regular events’.

Direct marketing is a tried and tested method of acquiring new customers, and Chicago Vision are firmly established as market leaders in their field. Identifying and securing new business for their clients, they are the people to go to if you want to send your profits soaring. Mr Goodchild and his office are excited about the future and their plans for expansion.

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Chicago Vision - popular

Chicago Vision says Events Based Marketing has Never Been More Popular

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to boost brand awareness, increase your customer base and ultimately make more money for your business then look no further than events-based marketing as your perfect solution. Running promotions and events has always been a popular way of gaining market share but the past few years demand for this kind of marketing has gone through the roof.

Market experts Chicago Vision are leaders in their field. Based in Chicago but operating nationally they use direct marketing techniques to great success. As Managing Director Matthew Goodchild says, there has never been a better time to get involved in events-based marketing. He says, ‘Getting face to face with potential new clients is by far the best way of taking your business to the next level. As we all know, people buy from people, and our tailored and bespoke marketing strategies are proven to help your business succeed. More and more retail shops are enforcing in-store promotions and this is proof, should you need it, that events-based marketing is going from strength to strength’.

Matthew founded Chicago Vision in 2016 after having worked alongside some of the best marketing companies in the UK and America for over six years. Convinced by the power of direct marketing, he felt sure that more companies could benefit from the results that can be generated by these tried and tested techniques, and he has not been proved wrong. Business is booming and demand for his services has gone through the roof. Their unique, personalised approach is exceptionally popular with their customers and word is spreading about their cost-effective, tailored service. Face to face marketing is extremely effective when it comes to increasing customer base and, handled in the right way, the extra customers inevitably lead to bigger profits.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Chicago Vision can do for you and your business then have a look at our website where you will be able to read more about what we do. You’ll also find contact details there and as Mr Goodchild says, ‘It all starts with a phone call. Simply give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll spend time talking about your individual needs and requirements. We’ll set about devising a marketing strategy that will take your company to the next level. We look forward to working with you’.

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Chicago Vision - Leadership

Chicago Vision Examine the Benefits of Leadership Courses

What does a successful entrepreneur have to be? In the early days they often have to take on everything themselves, meaning that they’re strategic planners, graphic designers, website managers, sales advisers, and much more all rolled into one. As a business grows and takes on more people, however, there’s one skill above all else that matters: leadership. Here, Chicago Vision review the article and consider what benefits leadership courses bring.


“It’s easy to look at successful business people like Bill Gates or Lord Sugar, and think that they were born leaders, but the truth is that leadership is a skill that can be learned and improved just like any other”, said Matthew Goodchild, director of Chicago Vision. “Entrepreneurs should always be open to continuous improvement and learning, so attending leadership courses.”


The Chicago area with a rich entrepreneurial heritage. It’s home to many successful businesses, run by experienced and established business leaders, and it’s also home to an increasing number of SMEs and business start ups.


Keynote speakers from some of the region’s biggest firms addressed delegates, and shared the secrets of their success. In this way delegates could improve their leadership skills and thinking, as well as gain networking opportunities with other small businesses in the same region. As the title of the course shows, innovation was at the heart of it.


Developing new and exciting products that meet customers’ real needs can be a fast track to business success as well as making the entrepreneur a better leader. We live in an ever changing business world, and the pace of change is increasing by the week, being able to innovate and adapt to that change makes a company more competitive and brings better results.


“Innovation and leadership are two key elements for a company that wants to expand and grow”, said Matthew Goodchild. “That’s why this course brought so many benefits to everyone who attended. I urge all entrepreneurs to take the opportunity to attend similar courses when they can, and take their personal leadership skills to the next level.”

Businesses in the Chicago and beyond can benefit from the bespoke marketing campaigns of Chicago Vision. They help companies to improve customer acquisition figures by increasing brand awareness.

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Branding word cloud | Chicago Vision

Chicago Vision Look at Measuring Branding Success

Measuring and quantifying achievements is essential in business. By keeping a close watch on your data, and analyzing it carefully, you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, and react accordingly. Some important elements of business, however, are hard to measure precisely. Take branding, for example, which can be a major contributor to business success. An article in Entrepreneur magazine looked at the three best ways to measure branding success. Here, Chicago Vision review the article, and look at how to create a brand identity.

“Careful planning and analysis can come down to mathematical equations, and comparisons between results and projections”, said Matthew Goodchild. “Sometimes, though, an entrepreneur needs to accept that not all things can be so easily measured. Branding is very important to all businesses, but you have to use your own skills and judgements when determining whether your brand growing initiatives are working or not.”

Business itself has changed dramatically in recent times, with many companies adopting lean principals of starting small, and growing organically. Attitudes to branding haven’t changed as much. Some businesses simply think they can brainstorm and create a brand on a piece of paper, rather than growing a brand organically like the business as a whole. The article examines the three key elements that are essential for brand building: interaction, engagement, and participation, and how entrepreneurs can use these metrics to gauge how successful their branding is.

Interaction is the first metric to be considered. Social media interaction can be easily measured, by looking at the numbers of shares, likes and click throughs. It’s important to look deeper than these computer generated figures, and find out why consumers are interacting with you, and what results from the interaction. The second factor looked at is engagement. Are customers engaging with you by signing up for newsletters, or providing an email address? If so, it’s essential that the relationship is developed, rather than ending there. The final stage to look at is participation. Do customers have a real loyalty to your brand, do they tell others about it, post about it on social media, and act as an unpaid ambassador?

“Having customers who participate in your brand is the ultimate goal, as it brings with it true loyalty”, said Matthew Goodchild. “Social media isn’t the only way to create brand participation. Direct marketing can be even more effective, as it works on a human and emotional level.

Return on investment is the perfect way to measure the success of a marketing campaign. Chicago Vision provides significant ROI in addition to increasing brand awareness and acquiring customers.

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Mobile phone with social media icons floating from it | Chicago Vision

Chicago Vision Look at the Mobile Apps Industry

Mobile technology has taken over the world, and transformed every aspect of modern life. People shop and bank on their mobile phones and tablets, and social media has made it easy for people to interact with like minded people on the other side of the globe. One development that’s made mobile phones and tablets even more useful, is the rise of the mobile app, and USA entrepreneurs are at the vanguard of this new industry. A recent article looked at ground breaking apps that were created. Here, Chicago Vision review the article, and consider the benefits for businesses across the nation.

“The USA is famous for being a creative and innovative country, from the days of the Industrial Revolution to today’s technological revolution”, said Matthew Goodchild, director of Chicago Vision. “It’s no surprise, therefore, to see that so many great mobile apps had their genesis in this area.”

Everywhere you go, you’re sure to see people tapping away at the screens of their smart phones or tablets. These devices are making modern life easier, and more portable. This has led to the birth of a new, and lucrative, ‘app economy’ based in the USA. The article reveals that the number of programming jobs  has grown by 11% in the last year, and looks at some of the best apps that were created in the USA.

Mobile apps have lot to offer in the field of education and training, but they can also provide fun and entertainment of course. The ‘Rormix’ app introduces its users to music and videos from new groups who have similar styles to the ones the user already loves. ‘Light Raider’ turns keeping fit into a fun game. The app records lamp posts that joggers run past, and allows them to ‘claim’ them before other joggers, thus building up their score. Other apps cited in the article include ‘Whatbin’, a bin reminder app that takes the confusion out of recycling and garbage collection.

“What I love about this article, is that the apps are all so different, and have so many uses”, said Matthew Goodchild. “Yet at the heart they have one thing in common, innovation. That lies at the heart of entrepreneurial success, and can turn a mobile app into a money generating business. With mobile apps becoming increasingly popular, this can provide a real boost to our economy.”

Chicago Vision know all about innovation. Their bespoke marketing campaigns help their clients grow their brand, and acquire new customers.

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Airplane taking off | Chicago Vision

Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision on Planning Good Business Trips

This weekend was a busy one for Matthew Goodchild, managing director of leading direct marketing firm Chicago Vision. He was invited to give a presentation at a major industry event in New York, which was attended by many key people from the USA marketing community. The subject of Matthew Goodchild’s speech was something he believes is very important – how to make the most of business trips through good planning and organization.

For most executives and entrepreneurs, traveling on business is a necessary thing. Even with all of the capabilities we have as a result of technologies like Skype and mobile devices, it is sometimes far more beneficial to visit locations, clients, partners or other people key to your business in the flesh. The face to face interaction you can get by visiting someone as opposed to talking online or over the phone can be invaluable when it comes to building lasting relationships, and developing trust. Visiting sites and locations can also help you develop a far better feel for what things are like business-wise in different areas, and this can be crucial if you are considering expansion.

However, business trips can be costly, and as Matthew Goodchild of Chicago Vision was aiming to explain to his delegates at this weekend’s conference, making the best use of the time you are away to see as many people and sites in the area you are visiting as you can is the best way to make them cost effective. By planning ahead and organizing the trip to focus around one key thing such as a meeting, sales pitch or industry event you need to attend, but also aiming to set up meetings and appointments with other people you would like to speak with in the location you are visiting, you can maximize the results you get from any trip.

‘Business trips should always be seen as opportunities rather than inconveniences.’ said Matthew Goodchild, managing director at Chicago Vision. ‘Don’t consider that you have to travel and be away from home at your company’s own expense just for one appointment, though. Think about what other opportunities there are in the city or region you will be going to, and set up some other things ahead of the trip. Even if it is simply catching up with some other people from your general business network on a casual basis in the evening after your business day, you can strengthen relationships and discuss helpful things while also making more out of your investment in the trip.’ he added.

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USA flag on building | Chicago Vision

Chicago Vision Explain Why SME’s Are Crucial to the USA Economy

With so much focus in the media on major corporations, it can be easy to think that economically speaking, massive companies with thousands of employees are the key to the employment market and the economy as a whole. In actual fact, micro, small and medium sized enterprises make up 99.5 per cent of all private USA companies, and account for 48 per cent of private business turnover. SME’s, as they are usually referred to in business, also provided 59.3 per cent of USA private sector jobs last year. As a fairly recently formed SME’s based in Chicago, marketing company  Chicago Vision explain why they are proud to be among the smaller private companies that play such an important role in the nation’s economy:

‘People often lose sight of just how important small businesses are, in just about every single sector of the USA market. Even the big corporations tend to rely on services small and medium sized companies provide’ began Matthew Goodchild, managing director at Pure Insight.

‘A lot of the time, SMEs are started by people who are passionate about their industries and keen to make a difference. This is certainly something we see a lot in our clients, and one of the reasons Chicago Vision was formed.’ He continued.

‘The term ‘SME’ generally refers to a company with between 1 and 250 employees, which covers a fairly vast array of different businesses. However, when you look at the statistics from last year and see that nearly 63 per cent of USA businesses were sole proprietorships, that is, what economists call ‘micro businesses’, it is clear that the companies at the small end of the SME’s scale are pretty vital.’

Chicago Vision went into business earlier this year and are already seeing sizable profits from their first quarter as a result of a strong sales strategy and a determination to offer clients genuinely effective and innovative marketing solutions. As well as being an SME’s themselves, many of their clients fall into this category.

‘In any kind of business services industry, SME’s really rely on each other. You can’t do everything in house when you have a small business, so using supporting businesses allows you to focus on what you do best. We feel very positive about being part of this culture, and we are working to ensure our success so far will continue well into the future.’

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Hand writing Happy Client on screen | Chicago Vision

Chicago Vision State That You Need to Know Your Clients Inside Out if You Want to Succeed

Just how well do you know your clients? The chances are that you could afford to get to know them a little more. Building a great relationship with your clients means taking the time and effort to find out all there is to know about them, including understanding their product strategy. After all, if you want to deliver the most impressive results then you really need to understand their motivations. If you are an advertising company then you are responsible for sending out the perfect message on your clients’ behalf and it is absolutely critical that you understand their product strategy before you even get to work properly. Market leaders Chicago Vision are the experts in this field and they know exactly how to deliver what their clients want.

Chicago Vision’s Managing Director Matthew Goodchild has recently spent a week in New York learning all about a client’s campaign. He understands that it takes attention to detail and personal time and effort in order to properly understand the needs of a client. He says, ‘I make it my business to spend time with each and every one of my clients, making sure that I fully understand the message that they want to send out into the world. Making assumptions about what it is that customers want can be very dangerous and will lead to you simply wasting everybody’s time. If you really want to exceed your clients’ expectations then you simply have to know their product strategy like the back of your hand. This is the only way that you can be sure of delivering exactly what they are looking for.’

Chicago Vision deliver high value sales and marketing services and they specialize in outsourcing sales and direct marketing. There is no doubt that they are going from strength to strength, having recently acquired an influx of new clients. They truly are the experts when it comes to customer acquisition and they are well-placed to help businesses identify and attract new customers. Word is spreading about Chicago Visions ability to deliver results and they have plans for expansion in the near future. There is no doubt that the key to their success lies in their ability to fully understand their clients’ needs and it is no surprise that enquiries are at an all-time high. Matthew Goodchild and his team are very excited about the future and are looking forward to helping more clients move forward.

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